Support Services For Insurance Companies

CAREES, first legal tourism health agency in Antalya, is also an independent health institution. It offers supporting services to insurance companies in case of any inconvenience and accidents occurred for the travelers coming to our country for vacation or business. Our services are provided under two main headings: Medical Assistance and Roadside Assistance.

Detailed information about our services can be found below.


Medical Operation Management

In case of accidents and disturbances of travelers who come on holiday in our country, we manage the follow-up of the patient's personal needs from the first medical interventions to referral to the hospital (if needed) and the follow-up and control of the treatment in the health institution. Each case is monitored and managed with the utmost care in order to not giving any chance of any fault.


We speak your language 

CAREES, is a multi-lingual assistance firm. CAREES operation, which provides medical reports in dozens of languages, serves all our guests in their own language.


Mobile Health Network

As well as being involved in all treatment processes, we offer our patients, pre-treatment and post-treatment service with a wide network of the ambulances in Turkey. We provide uninterrupted health services with our AID brand and dozens of contracted ambulance companies.

We offer air ambulance or medical escort for long transfers of our patients. On the scheduled flights, we carry out the transfers, with Doctor or Nurse depending on the situation of the patient.


Referral to Health Care Institutions

According to the patient’s situation, medical advice and pricing policy, the most compatible institutions or hospitals are selected, by our experts and the patient is taken from her/his place and transferred to the selected Institution by Carees.


Second vision

Travelers who came from abroad to our country may need medical help due to different reason such as road accident, injury etc. At that time and on demand of the patients or insurance company, our professional team consists of experts, specialists and doctors, will follow up the patient’s treatment from the beginning to discharging from the hospital and even returning to their home country.

The treatment, imaging, and evaluation of the examinations are reported to the insurance company by checking the clinical condition of the patient in the treatment planning.

In addition to the report of the specialist physician, the medical operation compares the case with the sample patient files and presents the insurance company, information about the billing.


Medical report in your language

In this service, medical information taken from hospitals and/or doctors is converted into CAREES’s medical report format.

This report is designed according to the needs of our business partners.

Adapted medical reports allow us to provide the necessary information to the requesting institution (Assistants or the medical team of insurance companies).

We provide safe health services to all domestic and foreign guests as an independent health care provider.


Transportation of Patients and Patients' Relatives

It is the service provided for the transportation of the medical team coming from abroad or the transfer of the patient to the hospital. In addition, in the transfer of non-urgent patient and patient relatives, a vehicle fleet is provided. Our service covers all transfers for medical purposes, which includes the transfer of the patient's relative between the hotel and the hospital.


Medical Evacuation and Return to Homeland

All services provided for medical evacuation and return to the homeland include the transfer of patients and cover all necessary medical and non-medical procedures. Moreover, for the patients that require medical report for flight permission, CAREES evaluates the patient and decides whether or not to allow flight.


Technical Assistance

Towing, crane, and rescuers

Professional technician of vehicle mechanic,

Transportation companies

Car rental companies,

Customs Organization Offices,  


Out-of-Hospital accommodation

Due to the prolongation of treatment or any technical reasons, you can take advantage of accommodation in our elegant hotels. Our hotel options, consisting of dozens of alternatives, will respond to all your needs.


Cost Control

The treatment profiles of the patients in the hospital are evaluated by specialized software and expert staff, In line with the demand of insurance companies.

The tests, examinations, and operations that go beyond the possible treatment protocol or do not comply with the normal treatment protocol or are invoiced above normal figures, are reported to the insurance company.

All patient files are evaluated and reported by specialist physicians according to the clinical condition of the patient.